The Unitary Child

©Leslie Owen Wilson 
The unitary child is dedicated to the essence of whole children. 
Let us see them in their entirety for in Western cultures often we tend to see the parts rather than the whole thing.
Children are not parts, they are complete and beautiful wholes, and we need to look at them in that light.

I am a unitary child

Not made of separate parts.

I think. I touch. I feel.

I am a whole being,

Mind, body and spirit.

See all of me,

The total circle of my essence,

In its entirety.

Revere me for what I am

A child of this world;

A reflection of today;

A mirror of the past;

A link with now and then and tomorrow;

A bit of cosmic dust;

A totally unique being.

See me as I am,

A whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Touch my soul and let me touch yours.

Let us share this time and space,

With reverence for each other’s wholeness.

For we are all the children of a greater Parent.

©Leslie Owen Wilson, 1994, all rights reserved (originally published in Every child, whole child)

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