Optimal Learning

The good news is that students can get better and better provided that we design instruction to improve their skills-and we can do so right from the start, in kindergarten and first grade.”

brainmazert             (Joyce B., Weil M., & Calhoun E. (2009) Models of teaching and learning, Pearson, 13)


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Comments: While traditional theories of learning encompass a huge array of topics, this particular site strand is devoted to discussions and information on newer innovations in education that optimize learning. Some of the innovations and views included in this site strand are: newer views of intelligence, holistic learning and teaching, brainbased education (aka educational neuroscience) , as well as suggestions on how to create teaching environments where optimal human learning is supported and nurtured. You can also find additional information on many related topics through my recommendations links.

There are links to a number of pages devoted to assorted concepts on rethinking intelligence — like Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, Perkins’ Reflective Intelligence, Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence, and Sternberg’s Successful Intelligence.

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